Bilingual website design video.

This is Matt Cutts, he works for Google and releases videos about search engine optimisation.

In this video he explains, very elegantly, the best way to build bilingual websites

The right way to design a bilingual website

Let's take an example of a website in English

and French.

The French visitor needs to feel like the French site isn't a bolt on to an English site and likewise for the English speaking visitor.

If you think about it, it's quite likely the French visitor would search a French search engine to find your site and the English speaker an English search engine.

So what does this mean? It means you're going to need the .fr name for your French website and a .com or for your English website.

That way your website will get picked up in the appropriate search engine and found by surfers.

Doing it this way gives your bilingual website the best chance of being found by searchers of each language. It also makes them feel like they're dealing with a website native to their country and that counts for a lot.

Other bilingual website designers may use other ways of creating a bilingual website, and no doubt they work - just not as well.

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Bilingual Website Design

For any business wanting both English and French customers, a bilingual website design is a surefire way and making extra sales.

But just looking at a bilingual website design from the outside you wouldn't think there was much to it, a couple of flags and hey presto you're done - if only!

The thing is this, for a bilingual website design to work well and get a decent ranking in Google it has to be done right.

Right means your site visitors have to feel comfortable on the site and that search engines can easily find it. I'll explain...

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